40th Anniversary Sustainability Campaign

Haymarket’s 40th Anniversary
4-year sustainability campaign
Sustaining Time, Treasure, and Talent!



40th Anniversary Sustainability Campaign

Haymarket's campaign to obtain resources to undergird and supplement the day-to-day operations through the 40th Anniversary Sustainability Campaign is entering its fourth year. Over the last three years, supporters have given beyond their regular contributions to ensure that the capacity of the organization obtained a stream of resources. Because general operational support, finances for capital reserves, and additional bolstering to the grants is not achievable through most fundraising sources, this campaign is serving to provide essential day-to-day funds. Many contributors are committing to multi-year support. This provides critical coverage for the small, yet extremely hardworking and committed staff. Also, this support offers the assurance that the office building, a major asset to the organization, which houses a number of grassroots community organizations and a rental conference room, can be maintained. Most importantly, a portion of these funds aid in expanding the grant making opportunities to the region. For more details about this program, and to support this beneficial campaign, please contact Karla at knicholson@haymarket.org or call 617-522-7676 x103.




Legacy contributor = 4 @ $40,000= $160,000

Visionary contributor = 40 @ $4,000 = $160,000

Closing the generation gap = 400 @ $4000 over 4 years = $1,600,000

Community contributor = 400 @ $400 over 4 years = $160,000

TOTAL = $2,080,000


  1. Sustainability of grants – each year the pool of resources is raised from individuals and dispersed to dynamic grassroots organizations across New England. This pool must be expanded to fully support the work until the goals and mission can be realized.

  2. Secure our reserves – Haymarket operates from a fully-owned building, and rents space at well below market rates to non-profits. Also, a small conference room space is maintained and rented for community usage. Reserve funds are needed to manage and maintain this valuable asset, and provide a fiscal base for operations.

  3. Sustainability of operations - in order to staff the work, resources are necessary. Internally, Haymarket has become smaller, now we need the capacity to be more effective.