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About Haymarket

Haymarket People’s Fund is an anti-racist and multi-cultural foundation that is committed to strengthening the movement for social justice in New England. Through grantmaking, fundraising, and capacity building, we support grassroots organizations that address the root causes of injustice. Haymarket also organizes to increase sustainable community philanthropy throughout our region.

We are a public 501(c)3 foundation based in Boston, named after the Haymarket affair, the 1886 working people’s event in Chicago which paved the way for the 8-hour workday.  Click to learn more about the Haymarket Affair!

Our Story

Haymarket believes that communities that come together with a vision of justice can get the job done, provided they have the resources. That’s where Haymarket comes in.​

Each year, Haymarket awards grants to local organizations in New England’s neighborhoods and communities. This money is strategically allocated by our volunteer grantmaking panel made up of community organizers from across the region. They are actively involved in working for change on a daily basis in their own communities and know where resources are needed most.​

Over the course of 48 years, Haymarket has granted over 33 million dollars. One hundred percent of those funds have gone to change the status quo. The contributions of many hundreds of people like yourself keep this organization vibrant, strong, and true to our mission.​

As a basis, we know that it is necessary to have a shared analysis and language to understand the dynamics of systemic racism. That is why in addition to providing grants, Haymarket supports social change movements through training and capacity building. Recognizing how significantly racism has affected the impact of social justice movements in the United States, we focus on making the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond ( Undoing Racism workshop available annually.  

At Haymarket, we see social change philanthropy as a form of community organizing. For years, we have organized to help leverage more money to go to change, not charity through wealth conferences.​

Currently, we work with givers of all levels to encourage giving to those communities most affected by injustice through workshops, annual grantee gatherings, and other programs.

Our Principles

Accountability to the community is key to organizing effectively and with integrity. In order to realize our vision of a just, anti-racist society, we recognize the need to change culture, systems, and structures of power. Haymarket seeks to embody that change in the way our organization works. 

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