Board of Directors

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Cedric Shaw, President

Cedric Shaw is a native of Greater Hartford. He worked at the Hartford Inquirer Publishing group, an African American newspaper based in Connecticut for six years. In 1994 Mr. Shaw moved to New York City where he reported out of the United Nations for the Hartford Inquirer and began to study nonviolence.  Shaw also trained at the Connecticut Center for Nonviolence and participated in Undoing Racism Training at the People's Institute for Survival and Beyond. In addition, he has written on service, reconciliation between youth and adults, the universal power of love, race relations, and using creative nonviolence to end the violence that prevails in our neighborhoods and the world today. Cedric moved to Washington, D.C. for one year where he volunteered to organize for the Children’s Defense Fund’s Stand for Children Rally. In 2002

Mr. Shaw with the call from C.T. Vivian founded T.R.Y.B.E. (Truth and Reconciliation for Youth and adults in Brotherhood and sisterhood for the Empowerment of all) Force, Inc., a not for profit organization dedicated to teaching nonviolent philosophy to youth.  Since then Shaw has trained over a thousand youth in the philosophy of nonviolence, organized town hall like forums on issues concerning the community. Mr. Shaw continues his work continually creating innovative ways to create a more peaceful world.

Fatou Drammeh, Treasurer

Fatou Drammeh, Coordinator of Revere Community School (RCS). She has over 25 years in experience working with low-income, immigrant and refugee women and their families in the United States and Gambia, West Africa. She is the Co-founder and was the executive Director (3 years) of Women Encouraging Empowerment Inc., a non-profit organization in Revere organizing with immigrant and refugee women.  Fatou worked in various capacities at Cooperative Economics for Women (CEW) for 9 years from trainer to program organizer and Associate Director. Served five years on the Funding Panel and Board of Directors at the Haymarket People’s Fund, one term on the allocations committee for Boston Women’s Fund, where she aided in funding different community projects 

throughout the state of Massachusetts. Core group member of Network for African American and Immigrant in Solidarity (NIAAS), and board member of Women Encouraging Empowerment. She has a degree in Development studies, Master’s degree in Sustainable International Development from Brandeis University, and diploma in Women and Economic Development.

Trina Jackson, Co-Clerk

Trina Jackson has nearly 20 years of community-based experience as an organizer, facilitator, and strategist in the social justice movement. Her background includes activism within communities of color in Boston and working with non-profits, facilitating community dialogues, and consulting on issues of anti-oppression, civic engagement, economic justice, racial justice, leadership development, collaboration, and movement building.
Trina's approach is to explore the intersections of sociopolitical identity and the lived experience; to work for structural and institutional change; to use reflective, participatory and cultural practices for deeper connections between communities directly impacted by 

 oppression; and to construct new narratives which advance social transformation and achieve justice for all.She is the Program Coordinator of the Inclusion Initiative, a program of Third Sector New England, which supports cross-sector networks in communities of color to address root causes of poverty and economic inequality. She also co-coordinates a community-based grassroots project, the Network of Immigrant and African American Solidarity (NIAAS), which seeks to build solidarity between African Americans and immigrants of color through storytelling.As an independent project, Trina produced Grown By Herself, a mixed-media art education installation that honors the rituals, practices, and stories of black women gardeners and farmers. A writer, nature photographer, and yoga practitioner, Trina is a graduate of Goddard College.

Santiago Nariño is originally from Bogota, Colombia, he came with his family to Plymouth Massachusetts at the age of 8. His interest in Latinx politics started from a very early age, where he began to understand the immense diversity within the Latinx community and the lack of understanding of the issues within our own community. Santiago was inspired by the work of DREAMERS and became active in politics through working in community and grass-root organizing for various organizations like Student Immigrant Movement, Divest NEU, Latin American Student Organization and MIRA.  In 2015 he founded the Latinx Action Group, where he has been able to build a coalition of more than 200 students of color around the Boston area  

Santiago Nariño, Co-Clerk

in 5 different colleges and 20 community organizations to build bridges of knowledge through the monthly workshops surrounding the issues that direct students of color to direct action and civic engagement. Since April 2016, he's taken the lessons learned from his social enterprise and institutionalized a model for the College Democrats of Massachusetts. As president of CDM, he drove the organization towards a new community centered direction that builds relationships and trust in the political process through education, humanization of the issues and coalition building. Now with after graduating from northeastern University, he is working at Institute for Healthcare Improvement and continues to be active in the political community through the Latinx Action Group. 

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Haymarket People’s Fund is an anti-racist, multi- cultural foundation that embarks on collectively sustainability of local grassroots groups. We’ve been providing funding to almost every major social justice movement in New England since 1974. Each year, our volunteer grantmaking panel made up of community organizers across the region awards grants to local organizations in New England’s neighborhoods and communities.

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