Haymarket Stands with Charlottesville and

We Stand with You Against White Supremacy

Haymarket is deeply saddened by the events that took place over this past weekend in Charlottesville. Friends, we are quickly ascending to troubling times the likes of which many of us have not seen in our lifetimes but the realities that we are facing today are by no means new, and for many of us the displays of racism and white supremacy were traumatic but not surprising.


This administration has given birth to a new era of unmasked, unfiltered and overt racism. Overt racism that hits us in our souls like a battering ram. But we have armor. Something else lives in our souls. The spirits of our ancestors lives in our souls. Survival lives in our souls. Kindness lives in our souls. Wisdom lives in our souls. And in these coming difficult days, we need to call on every bit of reserve we have. Yes, this era has emboldened evil but it has also unleashed a determination to root it out.


We don't know what the outcome of all of this is yet. But we do know that we will not buckle under fear based, sick, abhorrent, actions of a bunch of white supremacists. And we are clear that while all eyes are and need to be on them, we need another eye on actual policies and institutions that support white supremacy. People of color must be leading this fight, with whites confronting other whites and the institutions they benefit from. Haymarket will continue to support our grantees in the essential work that they are doing to fight racism.


We are a community. And as a community none of us is in this alone. We stand with you. We weep with you. We struggle with you. We fight with you. All of us here at Haymarket feel hurt, sad and angry. But we are also resolute to keep working to bear witness to a just, anti-racist society. We are stronger because we know how many of you are working to fulfill the goals of undoing racism, to expose oppression, address it and out it wherever we see it. To recognize each of us as people worth giving the resources and opportunities to live up to our full human potential so that we may reach down and pull others up. We are braver because we recognize the risk that so many of you take on a daily basis just to be who you are and speak truth to power. We are humbled because we know we are imperfect beings who strive to do what is right and what is just. We are one with you. We love you. We will continue to beat the drum of truth and support our grantees who do the same.


In Solidarity, 

Cedric Shaw on behalf of Haymarket Board of Directors & Staff