Although #Giving Tuesday is just one day to give folks an opportunity to make meaningful contributions to organizations, one day is not enough to uplift and highlight members of our community who are working hard to erradicate racism through social justice organizing. We want to amplify the voices of the people on the ground doing the work of organizing communities and fighting against systemic oppression. We will be sharing their voices throughout the month of December. We are kicking off the month with our very own Malchus Mills, former Funding Panel Member and the President of Direct Action for Rights and Equity (D.A.R.E.)

Malchus Mills, Former Funding Panel Member and Vice Chairperson of D.A.R.E.

Direct Action for Rights and Equity (DARE) is a membership-based community organization whose mission is to orga-nize low-income families in communities of color for social, political, and economic justice. Haymarket funds will go towards supporting two organizing projects: Behind the Walls, and Tenant and Homeowner’s Association. 


Please consider becoming a monthly sustainer and joining our 45th Campaign towards sustainability where we hold true to being a People's Fund. No amount is too small!

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