Giving Opportunities

What are we fighting for? Without question, we currently exist in a moment in time where collective, organized action is needed.

While this period in history hasn't been named or specifically identified, we know there is much to fight for and winning is essential to our survival. The time is now to take action and make a difference in our communities.

The groups that Haymarket supports are the people on the ground, getting their hands dirty towards a future that walks the walk of anti-racism and equality. For nearly 50 years, we have skimmed the greater efforts of New England, to provide resources to those who work for change. Your support allows the mechanisms necessary to affect reform for those the system has rendered vulnerable, exposed & powerless. 

This is the chance to affect change. Join these members of the Haymarket community in solidarity with the dynamic grassroots organizations Haymarket supports, in solidarity, to eradicate the systemic oppression that prevents the basic survival of so many in our communities. Your contribution to Haymarket will support these efforts and make a significant difference.

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Please note that we have changed our stock transfer instructions.

Please contact Jennifer Dowdell Rosario at (617-522-7676 x106),

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