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What are we fighting for? Without question, we currently exist in a moment in time. While this period in history hasn't been named or specifically identified, we know there is much to fight for and winning is essential to our physical and emotional survival. There is no time like the presence to take action and make a difference in our communities.


Haymarket community members share their perspectives on the relevance in resourcing the strong, knowledgeable grassroots organizing throughout New England. The oppression they struggle against is systemic. In the trenches, many continue to organize communities and groups to make progress for survival and change.


 “I have been honored serve as a volunteer and supporter of Haymarket Peoples Fund since 1999. I support HPF because they are one of the few foundations that support grassroots organizing in a real and authentic way. These amazing organizations that are supported by HPF often get overlooked by traditional foundations but Haymarket not only sees them but gives them voice. In this interesting time we find ourselves in, the support that HPF offers is more important than ever. This is why I have recommitted myself to supporting HPF's efforts in any way that I can and encourage others to do the same.” - Ayeesha Lane

“Haymarket People’s Fund brings people like me to be part of their decision making process and to share our ideas of what people in our communities are saying about the truth,  realities and how the future should like for our most oppressed communities. I strongly support this organization because I feel valued, my ideas are valued and my work is valued. It's fun to be with other people that are doing the work in our communities and they can share the same struggles and challenges I am facing. I wish they were other foundations that worked to eradicate racism and xenophobia in our communities; their values and work are so aligned with my communities. This would give our communities a sense of ownership and hope.” – Isabel Lopez

"Yesss Haymarket!!! I support Haymarket because I believe that grassroots community organizing led by the people most impacted leads to real and lasting change. As a New Englander, supporting movements for racial and economic justice here in the region is close to my heart. And as a person who comes from generational wealth and whose family has benefited from an economic system that privileges the already-wealthy, Haymarket helps me redistribute resources with integrity and trust, honoring the leadership and decision-making of people who know far better than I do what amazing work is happening and can use our support. So grateful you all exist!!" - Adam Roberts


This is the chance to affect change. JOIN these members of the Haymarket community in solidarity with the dynamic grassroots organizations Haymarket supports, in solidarity, to eradicate the systemic oppression that prevents the basic survival of so many in our communities. Your contribution to Haymarket will support these efforts and make a significant difference.


        In Solidarity,


Give the gift of Change not Charity!

Download a card to print with ways to give, or contribute by mail:

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