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What now? Why do we continue to see the same oppressive, racist tactics that divide and destroy our communities? Is it a lack of votes to the “right” party? Is it a lack of education and understanding? Or is it the effects of an intentional system, working to perfection?  Now more than ever Haymarket’s work to create systemic change is critical. We must support our grantees as they work to address the root causes of racism by creating change in their communities.

As we all know immigrant communities have been a target for years and the threat has increased under the new administration. The children of immigrants are at risk of losing everything if DACA is eliminated. Organizations we fund, such as Student Immigrant Movement (SIM) (Boston, MA) and CT Students for a Dream (C4D) (Bridgeport, CT) are working tirelessly to prevent this from happening.


Throughout the country our Black brothers and sisters are disproportionately imprisoned within a system built to destroy their humanity, putting their communities at the mercy of the prison industrial complex. Families for Justice as Healing (FJAH) (Boston, MA) organizes incarcerated and previously incarcerated women and girls to help families address the harm and trauma caused by incarceration. FJAH has focused their efforts on the Primary Caretakers Bill, a bill that would allow judges to consider community based alternatives to incarceration, enabling families to stay together.


Every day people are being pushed out of their homes and communities due to gentrification. Predatory housing policies and land grabbing leave poor and working class communities unable to sustain their livelihoods. Organizations such as Springfield No one Leaves/Springfield Nadie se Mude (Springfield, MA) are defending folks who have been displaced from foreclosed homes though direct action campaigns, solidarity building and political education. Working within their community to build collective power, defend against displacement, win long term community ownership and control over land and housing.


Our grantees need your support in order to change the tide that threatens us all. We ask that you do so by making a generous contribution that is meaningful to you, a contribution that will enable our grantees to continue fighting to hold our country accountable for its atrocities.


Give the gift of Change not Charity!

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