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In the short span of three months it feels as though the earth has turned on its head! As we try to adjust to the safety guidelines imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we struggle with how to survive in this new normal. Some of us are trying to figure out how to keep going, to continue working and take care of our families, while some are having to deal with very serious situations, trying to keep our families and communities safe and fed, with a roof over their heads. 


Don’t be fooled by the message that this public health crisis is a “great equalizer", this virus will never be an equalizer. COVID-19 has amplified what we have been fighting against for decades. The numbers and statistics of the disparities amongst people of color affected by this virus is a clear indication of institutional and systemic racism. This includes amongst other things poverty, red-lining, gentrification, food apartheid, healthcare disparities, and environmental racism. This battle has put forth a mirror where we can clearly see a reflection of how this country's policies have failed so many. Haymarket grantees have been fighting these battles for years and their work is needed now more than ever.


The beauty in all of this, the flower that blooms from the concrete, is the budding persistence of our community. Those who are most affected are finding ways to help sustain and heal. Haymarket grantees are the ones on the street corner passing out meals, the ones protesting in front of prisons to free those inside to avoid the deadly spread, and the ones fighting to get migrant children out of detention centers to save their lives and prevent further abuse. They are the ones fighting for grocery store employees and delivery workers to get proper equipment to protect themselves while they risk their lives so that we have food on our tables. So many of us have the privilege of working from home, safely behind our computers while, in a stark reflection, our essential workers and community members make the ultimate sacrifice, risking their lives without proper compensation, saving the country and everyone in it. 


As unprecedented changes take place at an alarming rate it can be hard to maintain perspective. In the moments when we can reflect on the churning world around us, let’s reflect on our lives and how we can better the lives of others, on how to build a more equitable world and find rejuvenation to continue the fight for justice.


At Haymarket our community is our family and we are putting their needs first. In order to organize and fight back we need to respond to this moment of crisis and ensure the sustainability of the movement. Please join Haymarket in supporting our community as they continue to work tirelessly to meet their most crucial needs. Your contribution will help sustain their essential anti-racist grassroots organizing in this critical moment. We must ensure the health of our family, the strength of our community. 


In Solidarity, 

The Haymarket Team


Give the gift of Change not Charity!

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