Haymarket's Commitment

At Haymarket, we stand firm to uphold our mission of supporting grassroots groups across New England by providing much needed resources. For over forty years we've been providing money to almost every major social justice movement in New England. We are moving forward with a commitment to anti-racist organizing and the deepest respect for the efforts and accomplishments of the groups we fund. 

Migrant Justice Rally

Grant Process

Haymarket currently offers two kinds of grants - Sustaining Grants and Urgent Response Grants - for social justice organizing work happening in the New England region . We are committed to supporting both urban and rural organizing across the region. In addition to supporting groups that have a long history of grassroots organizing, we also support start up and emerging organizations. We make grants for both general operating support and project work.


Haymarket makes grants in the 6 New England states:

Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.

How to Apply for a Sustaining Grant

Sustaining Grants are up to $10,000 for grassroots, social change organizations that meet our funding criteria. Grant sizes are determined after a careful evaluation of each proposal taking into account Haymarket’s criteria and commitment to strengthening anti-racist movement building in New England. 


The next opportunity to apply for a Sustaining Grant will be in the Fall of 2020.   


If you have been funded by Haymarket in the past 3 years you will receive the application in the mail.  

If you have not been funded by Haymarket in the past 3 years, call the office and speak to a staff person about your work. If we feel you meet our basic criteria, we will send you an application package. Phone screenings for applications will be begin in October 2020. 


Please review our updated Grant Information Packet


If after reviewing the Grant Information Packet, you feel your project or work fits our funding criteria,

please call our office 617-522 -7676 to schedule a phone screening.  


You can also watch our Grant Information Webinar to learn more about our Funding Criteria and Grants Process.


How to Apply for an Urgent Response Grant

Haymarket makes Urgent Response grants of up to $1000/yr to help grassroots, social change organizations respond quickly to unforseen crises that critically affect their organization and constituency. 


This is not a small grants program. Grants are NOT to be used for ongoing program work (including expenses the organization should have anticipated), for financial crisis or funding shortfalls, or because the group missed a funding deadline. 


Urgent Response grants are available on an ongoing basis. 

All Urgent Response applicants must first read Haymarket's Grant Information Packet

Once you have read through the Grant Information Packet, you must call and speak with a staff person about your request.

We will send you an application if your request meets the basic criteria for urgent response grants.


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