Honoring Renae Gray

​​​Renae Gray



It is with a heavy heart, we announce the passing of Renae Gray.  


Her passing has left the entire Haymarket community experiencing a deep sense of loss. Renae brought her valuable perspectives to Haymarket in its early days, then came full circle returning to us in recent years sharing her vibrant presence and wisdom.  Renae was deeply involved in the community, she wore so many hats we tried to count but could not keep track of all the organizations she was involved in. Beyond her involvement in the community, what was most impactful about Renae was her personal touch to each and every person she came across. The level of care and attention she gave to everyone around her was her greatest gift. She made everyone in her presence feel like they were worthy, they belonged, and they had something to contribute to the greater good.  She never saw deficits or had a negative thought about what was happening in the world.  She always found a positive piece to contribute. Renae wore many hats in Haymarket, she was the advisor, confidant, mediator, friend, facilitator, greeter... but most importantly she was the Queen of Fun! 


We cherished every moment she was in our presence, because we knew that once Renae arrived everything was going to be all right.  We will remember and embrace her positivity, sense of balance, everlasting hope, and gracious serenity. She espoused the values of time, talent, treasure, and tradition in every way. We send our condolences to Michele, her daughter, her family, and all of the people she touched in the community.  


She will be missed dearly.

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Please visit Renae's Memory Page to share condolences, remembrances, photos and stories.