Ways to get involved

You too can enjoy the rewarding experience of volunteering with Haymarket, and having a significant impact in your community!

Simply email Jaime at Jaime@haymarket.org to learn more about becoming part of the New England Regional Funding Panel, or Karla at knicholson@haymarket.org about Haymarket’s Board of Directors. Participation is needed from CT, NH, RI, VT, ME and Western Mass

Donor Engagement

Haymarket posesses a trailblazing history of providing training and support to young people with wealth in our early days. From this body of work, several iterations began to unfold. The most successful is Resource Generation (resourcegeneration.org). Because of our shared history, and parallel shared principles and values, we continue to work in solidarity. There is an age-limit for young people's involvement. Through inquiries and valuable findings from the donor assessment of Haymarket's strategic planning process (of a cross section of both current and past contributors), a new donor engagement program is developing. Results indicate that there is a desire and energy for a learning community where both peer-to-peer trainings, speaker engagements, and social gatherings can occur. To be fully inclusive of the community, this initiative must be cross-race and cross-class. In the coming months, a planning committee will form to reach out to encourage involvement , and seek concepts to fill a calendar of offerings. 

Please provide your email to knicholson@haymarket.org or jennifer@haymarket.org if you're interested in donor engagement.