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Haymarket Grantees

Haymarket believes that community organizing is the most effective strategy for achieving our vision of an equitable, peaceful, and humane world. By organizing, we mean efforts led by those most affected by injustice that focus on two things: the root causes of the problems facing them and changing the institutions and structures of power that keep injustice in place. 

​Grantee Award

Haymarket People's Fund is excited to announce our 2022 Sustaining Grants. This year we granted a total of $904,000 to 52 groups organizing and building a movement to address the root causes of injustice across New England. This year's grantee's work focuses on Anti-Racism, Education Justice, Housing & Tenants Rights, Human Rights, Immigrant Rights, Workers Rights, and Youth Organizing, among others.

Food & Land Justice Organizing

Content Manager

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Learn more about what those in our Haymarket network are doing and hear how your support can continue to propel grassroots work. 

Grantee Spotlights

Youth Organzing

Sisters Unchained

Sisters Unchained is an emerging organization based in Massachusetts that formed in 2015 following the end of a pilot program called Coding for Justice by Andrea James. When speaking to Ayana Aubourg, Executive Director and Co-Founder, she expressed how the summer pilot project went deeper than they had imagined. When figuring out what to do next, they decided to continue building a sisterhood dedicated to breaking the isolation of young women and girls impacted by parental incarceration and supporting the development of their political awareness and leadership. Sisters Unchained programs are rooted in abolitionist values and frameworks that include the personal work of healing. 

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George Wiley Center



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Women Against Mass


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