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Volunteer Opportunities

At Haymarket, we stand firm in upholding our mission to support grassroots groups across New England by providing much-needed resources. For over forty-five years, we've provided money to almost every major social justice movement in New England while centering the power and voice of the community. We are moving forward with a commitment to anti-racist organizing and need your support! 

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is an executive committee that oversees the activities of Haymarket and ensures our mission is being fulfilled through our programs, including grantmaking. This oversight and support extends in areas of finance and fiscal health, approving the regional funding panel, working with the Executive Director, and with ensuring that Haymarket continues its organizational work to become more anti-racist, including long-range planning. 

Funding Panel

The New England Funding Panel works with the Haymarket staff to carry out grantmaking duties and is accountable to the Haymarket Board of Directors. They collectively determine grant awards for the region according to Haymarket's mission, vision, and principles. Through their organizing and through accountability to their constituencies, Funding Panel members help shape Haymarket's work for justice and equity across New England.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is a committee of the Board of Directors. They provide financial analysis, advice, and oversight of Haymarket’s budget to ensure financial sustainability and that the organization is operating with the financial resources it needs. This includes reviewing investment policies and performance of investment advisors, and reviewing the annual audit and presenting it with recommendations to the Board of Directors. 

Development Committee

The Development Committee leads the way for strengthening Haymarket relationships in communities we have traditionally funded in but have not historically raised money in. The main task of the Development Committee will be to oversee the development plan and to see that it is implemented. They work with fundraising staff to evaluate and support fund-raising and promotion plans. 

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Become a Volunteer!

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