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"I support HPF because they are one of the few organizations that support grassroots organizing in a real authentic way. These amazing organizations that are supported by HPF often get overlooked by traditional foundations but Haymarket not only sees them but gives them a voice…”

Ayeesha Lane

Ways to Give

The organizations that Haymarket supports are the people on the ground, building towards an anti-racist future. For nearly 50 years, we have worked to support the greater efforts of New England, to provide resources to those working to eradicate the systemic oppression affecting our communities. Your support allows the mechanisms necessary to create reform for those the system has rendered vulnerable, exposed & powerless. Choosing to become a donor with Haymarket keeps the wheels of progress turning.

Make a One Time Donation

Becoming a Haymarket donor is a big step in the right direction - and essential to keeping organizers funded in the region. Making a one-time donation of any amount, ensures our grantees the ability to do the work that matters. 

Become a Sustainer

Sustainers help provide foundational support that Haymarket needs in order to fund grassroots, anti-racist organizing in New England. Automatic monthly, quarterly or annual donations of any size guarantee direct funding to groups fighting for justice in our communities. Learn more about how to sign up as a sustainer.

Making a donation via check? Send your donation to 42 Seaverns Ave Boston, MA 02130

Other Ways to Give

Planned Giving

Whether you are sharing the honor of your generous donation with a loved one or dedicating your legacy to justice and equality, Planned Giving is another option for further committing to support anti-racist organizing in a way that is meaningful to you. Please reach out to us at for more information. 

Stock Contributions

For questions or for updated stock transfer and stock delivery instructions contact Jennifer Dowdell Rosario at

(617-522-7676 x106).

Matching Gifts

Supporting local grassroots organizing can be made even more accessible and convenient through employee-sponsored giving. Many companies will match your contribution up to a predetermined limit. Check with your human resources department to learn more about your employer’s workplace giving options. Reach out to with any further questions.

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