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Haymarket People's Fund Sustainability Statement

Updated: Feb 16

Moving Toward Organizational Sustainability

As Haymarket continues our decades-long journey towards liberation, we want to share some reflections on the history that brought us to where we are and our plans to sustain funding for grassroots anti-racist organizing and movement-building work across New England.

In our grantmaking model, the power and voice of the community are at the forefront of our decisions. They have been the foundation of our work since Haymarket's inception. It has taken decades for the larger philanthropic sector to follow suit and begin taking steps to give decision-making power to those most impacted by racism. In honoring our commitment to Haymarket’s values and principles and uplifting transparency and accountability, this document is intended to give people an opportunity to understand more about Haymarket's financial history, challenges, and our current financial goals and plans as we work towards financial sustainability.


We understand folks may have some questions! We will be hosting a presentation in October. If you would like to submit questions, click HERE.

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