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Haymarket's 2023 Fall Newsletter

Updated: Feb 16

Building a Legacy

From the Director's Corner

Haymarket People’s Fund is entering its 50th year! This is not just simply a milestone in our history. We look to our community to express the significance of this moment in time. There was a resounding consensus that it is imperative that we celebrate those who built Haymarket!

We are making tremendous progress toward maintaining our organizational mission and uplifting our vision, values, and anti-racism principles within our walls and throughout the communities of our region and beyond.

The 2022-2023 Haymarket Sustaining Grant funds 56 groups for a total of $962,000!

As we obtained input and great perspectives from our community, a dynamic group of our grantee leaders saw that there were opportunities to consider. Some of these have been put into place this year. For the first time, there is multi-year funding. We are the funder that has historically given many groups their first grant funding, and as long as they meet our funding criteria, there is the opportunity to seek these resources. This year, five (5) groups had the opportunity to obtain funding for three years! Instead of submitting a grant proposal each year, they can focus on deepening their work.

All of Haymarket’s grant funding decisions have been, and continue to be, made by an incredible panel of activists and community organizers representing the New England region. This year, Haymarket began offering them a well-deserved stipend in addition to continuing to support what it takes for them to engage in this process.

Our staff is growing in a wonderfully strategic manner. For the last few years, Ferron Dooley Fairchild has been an essential support to our development department as our Administrative Development Coordinator. While she has moved on to pursue other interests and passions, be sure to read the article in the newsletter honoring her tremendous work with us.

We welcome Shazene Hussain who recently joined Haymarket's staff as our new Administrative Development Coordinator. She brings very helpful experience as a former Regional Funding Panel member, and is providing valuable support to the development department.

Haymarket continues to center the voices and stories of our grantees. In this fall newsletter, see the spotlight and story of these groups:

Visioning B.E.A.R.

Visioning B.E.A.R. Circle Intertribal Coalition, or VBCIC for short, provides prevention education, training, and technical assistance to all indigenous and multicultural communities in the Northeast and nationally who wish to eliminate interpersonal violence in their tribal, intertribal, or other types of communities.

Native Green

Native Green unites indigenous ancestral vision and indigenous environmental justice principles with place-based, grassroots organizing work anchored in environmental justice (EJ) Hubs built throughout the entire state of Rhode Island.

Download to read our Newsletter here:

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