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Grant Impact Report 

Updated: Feb 16

A Report Evaluating Haymarket People’s Fund Anti-Racist Grantmaking Model From 2016-2022

In 2019, Haymarket began evaluating its progress in becoming an anti-racist organization to examine the effects of this organizational shift on its grantmaking model. The goals of the research projects were:

1. Develop tools and processes for participatory evaluation of Haymarket’s grantmaking.

2. Deepen an understanding of Haymarket’s grantmaking process.

3. Assess the ways that Haymarket’s anti-racist grantmaking influences grantee organizations and their communities.

The study used a participatory evaluation research approach with researchers collaborating with people closest to the issues, striving to center their historically marginalized knowledge and voices while closely attending to power and privilege dynamics. The information from this research provides an overview of our work, successes, and challenges moving forward.

Download to read our Impact Report here:

Impact Report Evaluating Haymarket People’s Fund Anti-racist Grantmaking Model 2016 - 202
Download • 4.26MB

Join us to learn more about the report and findings with a presentation by researchers Eva King & Kathryn Destin and Haymarket staff on Friday, September 22, from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. Register

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