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Spring 2022 Newsletter

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

Maintaining our Vigilance

An excerpt from the Directors Corner

The system isn’t broken, it is wildly successful – for those it supports. Concepts of inequality and racism that disparage many, do so as they support and bolster others. This occurs through an intentional intersection of racism, classism, and other pervasive systems of oppression that exploit our differences in gender, language, nationality, culture, sexuality, and ability to keep us locked in this scheme of extractive injustice.  Racism was schematically produced, and whether it is knowingly or not we all maintain it; even those who endure the dredges of its impacts. It is maintained through lies fed to us that deemphasize the effects of bigotry and rob us of a systemic analysis of race and a shared language. It is perpetuated through the fallacy of color blindness, intentional miseducation, and the censorship of books, literature, and educational subject matter. It is reinforced by harmful myths that call for us to “pull ourselves up by our bootstraps”, normalizing the ever-expanding wealth gap and promoting the lie of meritocracy. Knowledge is key. Obtaining an understanding of how the systems of oppression impact each one of us provides us with essential information and the opportunity to create change.

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