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Fall 2022 Newsletter

Where Do We Go From Here?

An excerpt from the Director's Corner

For the first time in many of our lives, we now have a shared experience. Not one of anyone’s choosing, but one that now is pivotal to us. Time is now indicated as “before the pandemic”. One day we’ll be able to say, “after the pandemic”.

This is a lived experience that spans the world and continues to affect our humanity in every way.

Haymarket People’s Fund’s continuing focus is to provide critical resources to grassroots community organizations throughout the New England region. Not only is this our mission, but it also permeates every aspect of our efforts. As we near our half-a-century benchmark, how we do what we do has never been more important as it is right now.

Every funding decision is made by those most impacted. This is not a new concept for us, nor is it rhetorical. This has been the way we’ve provided support to those doing the ongoing, challenging community organizing toward systemic change.

After nearly fifty years of uplifting the expertise of those we fund in communities around our region, we must determine where do we go from here? This cannot occur in isolation or be a top-down determination...

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