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The Problem Isn’t Affirmative Action - It’s White Supremacy  ​    

Supreme Court’s Ruling Strikes Down Affirmative Action

On June 29th, we watched another supreme court decision dismantle the progress and hard work of generations before us fighting for systemic change; so many people were killed for it. Recently, it was the decision to overturn Roe vs. Wade - striking down the decriminalization of abortion and threatening women's bodily autonomy; a decision impacting BIPOC communities the most. Yesterday, we experienced another devastating blow - the Supreme Court striking down Affirmative Action in college admissions.

Although the decision does not explicitly ban the discussion on how race impacts an applicant's life, according to Chief Justice John Roberts Jr., "Nothing in this opinion should be construed as prohibiting universities from considering an applicant's discussion of how race affected his or her life, be it through discrimination, inspiration, or otherwise.", it does prohibit colleges from explicitly considering race for admission- except military academies. Also, Affirmative Action isn't solely related to education. This decision could impact the employment and philanthropic sector all around. Regardless of the spin on it, this decision targeted and attacked BIPOC communities, creating additional systemic barriers to achieving an equitable education system and life outcomes. The implications could be devastating and impact generations to come.

The problem is white-supremacy- not Affirmative Action. Black and Brown communities do not experience institutions and systems shifting into place to serve and protect them in the same way as their white counterparts. Instead of addressing legacy admissions and the historical practice of preferential treatment to donor families (without question) they continue to target and criminalize Black and Brown Communities. That said, there is something to be noted. When the status quo is threatened, white-supremacy works even harder to keep it in place. Like a rubber band snapping back before it breaks. We are obviously doing something right!

Over the course of 49 years, Haymarket has granted over 33 million dollars to organizations and groups working to change the status quo. We will continue to redistribute resources to grassroots organizations addressing the root causes of injustice throughout New England. This year we are granting one million dollars for Sustaining and Urgent Response Grants, as well as offering Multi-Year Sustaining Grants for qualifying organizations. As we fight for transparency and accountability for the injustices imposed on communities of color, we must continue to live out our anti-racist principles. Center humanity in a world of injustice and continue dismantling systems of oppression. We fight for a world where everyone's communities are thriving and different cultures are celebrated; resources are abundant and opportunities are equally shared and distributed while honoring the earth and all within it.

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